24-Hour Monitoring


24-Hour Monitoring is provided by our Central Station.
 Our Central Station uses the most advanced communications technology available to monitor alarm systems around the clock.  Security Central continuously updates their technology and equipment to ensure they are providing the highest level of service for homes and businesses. Events we are able to offer 24-hour monitoring include:
  • Burglary 
  • Fire
  • Panic
  • Silent Hold-up
  • Duress
  • PERS
  • Flood and Water Detection
  • Freezer – Cooler – Refridgeration (High/Low Temperature Monitoring)
  • Automatic Test
  • Two Way Voice
  • Cellular
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Sprinkler: Waterflow – Riser – Tamper – Air Pressure Monitoring
  • Elevator
  • Natural and Propane Gas Leak Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Power Loss/ Failure
  • Low Battery Monitoring