Frequently Asked Questions

Why Murrell Burglar Alarms?   

Murrell Burglar Alarms (another operation of Murrell Technologies L.P.) have been providing security services to East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Southeast Kentucky since 1963. We are a family owned company with 16 employees.   Three of those employees are dedicated to service, a ratio which is almost unheard of in the alarm industry. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional security services using state of the art technology at a reasonable installation price with a reasonable monthly alarm monitoring rate.  

Unlike most of the national alarm companies we do not offer any “free” equipment or services. We believe that “free” usually means hidden charges or inflated monthly rates. 

If you compare our installation cost, service and monthly monitoring rates with the national companies, you will see that your cost of long term ownership is significantly less with Murrell Burglar Alarms. 

Murrell Burglar Alarms also realizes that we may not be the security services provider best suited in all situations especially if your needs are short term.  

 If I choose Murrell Burglar Alarms who will be installing and servicing my alarm system?   

Murrell Burglar Alarms employees are all registered with the State of Tennessee or Virginia as required.  Kentucky does not currently have alarm licensing requirements.  All employees have been subjected to TBI and FBI background checks and the continuing education requirements to maintain their respective registrations.  

Seven of our employees exceed 15 years of service with Murrell Burglar Alarms. 

Murrell Burglar Alarms does not use sub-contractors as many of the national companies do and does not perform subcontracted services for other alarm companies.  

 Is Murrell Burglar Alarms insured?   

Murrell Burglar Alarms employees are covered by Workmen’s Compensation, General Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance required by the State of Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia.  


What is my alarm system capable of?   

Your new alarm may have the ability to do the following: 

 – Detection of door or window opening 

 – Detection of impact or glass breakage 

 – Detection of motion while ignoring pets up to 70lbs 

 – Notify the Police, Fire and Emergency responders in addition to yourself and neighbors  

 – Secure outbuildings wirelessly 

 – Detect water leaks, temperature extremes, heat, smoke, carbon monoxide, natural and propane gas whether the alarm system is armed or disarmed. 

 – Provide audible or silent holdup, panic and duress monitoring 

 – Track who armed-disarmed the alarm system via the Event Buffer and multiple User Codes 

 – Provide PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) monitoring 

 – Remote Arming/Disarming via Smart Phone applications 

 – Chime Doors upon opening or closing 

How will my alarm system work?   

Your new alarm will have the ability if all options are purchased to detect door and window opening, optional window impact sensors or glass breakage and interior motion or movement alarm with water, heat, smoke, gas and carbon monoxide detection.  

The alarm will arm and disarm via an English Language Display Keypad or Wireless Key Fob Remotes.  If the alarm is armed and a sensor is activated an Interior Sounder and optional Exterior Siren will sound to alert the homeowner and neighbors.   The alarm will also notify Security Central the alarm monitoring facility who then contacts the appropriate authorities (911) and your individual call list.  

Upon alarm the system typically will be programmed to sound the sirens for 4-6 minutes and will then re-arm if possible until disarmed by the homeowner. 

Your alarm system will be a combination of hardwired and wireless devices best suited for your needs.  Most wireless devices now include 3-5 year lithium batteries for long service life.   Your sales representative will advise and recommend which device types your system should include. 


Does Murrell Burglar Alarms offer discounts?   

Murrell Burglar Alarms offers monitoring discounts to Senior Citizens via the Senior Circle program at Lakeway Regional Hospital and Public Safety discounts to active Police, Fire and Emergency Service workers. Please consult with your sales representative for information. 

Your homeowners insurance may provide a discount from 5-20% for a monitored burglar alarm system with fire and water detection. Please consult with your carrier for details and percentages. 

At completion Murrell Burglar Alarms will provide the required Alarm System Insurance Certificate for you to forward to your insurer. 


Can I make payments?  

Please consult your sales representative regarding Payment Plans and Financing 

Payments may be made via Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Bank Auto Draft. 


How does Alarm Monitoring work? 

Your alarm system has the ability to transmit alarm and trouble signals via cellular to Security Central; an alarm monitoring facility located in Statesville, North Carolina.   Security Central a UL Listed and FM (Factory Mutual) approved central station that handles all alarm monitoring for Murrell Burglar Alarms and has done so since 1986 

Upon the receipt of an alarm or trouble signal from your alarm system; Security Central will then typically call to verify and ask for a password or code.  If whoever answers is unable to provide the correct password or code Security Central then dispatches the proper authorities and individuals using the pre-determined call list you will provide to us upon completion of the alarm installation.   That call list can be changed by calling our office at 423-586-9401.  


What about VoiP (Voice over Internet)?   

Murrell Burglar Alarms does not recommend communications via services such as Vonage or Magic Jack. Telephonic services provided by Morristown’s FiberNet and Charter Cable are compatible in most circumstances.  

What are the monthly fees for Alarm Monitoring? 

Cellular Alarm Monitoring is $38.00 monthly or $426.00 annually in advance. 

Interactive (Smart Phone App) Services add $10.00 monthly to the Cellular Alarm Monitoring 

Opening-Closing Reports and 24 Hour Automatic Test Signals are at an additional monthly charge.  Please consult your sales representative. 

Murrell Burglar Alarms offers monitoring discounts to Senior Citizens via the Senior Circle program at Morristown-Hamblen Hospital and Public Safety discounts to active Police, Fire and Emergency Service workers.  

 Does my system have to be monitored?    

Although not recommended Murrell Burglar Alarms can provide an un-monitored alarm system at an additional charge.  Please consult your sales representative for information regarding un-monitored systems. 


What is the contract term?    

Our typical contract term is 36 months.   Contract terms can be adjusted to accommodate your needs and finances.  Terms from 1-60 months are available.  Please consult your sales representative for rates and details. 


What is the system warranty?    

All parts and labor include a one year warranty.   Additional Service First Extended Warranties and Service Inspection Agreements may be purchased.  



How long will my installation take?    

Typical Residential systems require 1 day to install, test and to provide instruction for the homeowner in the proper use of the system.  Commercial and Industrial systems usually require longer installation times. 


What if my system requires service?    

Our systems include a 1 year parts and labor warranty with extended warranties available after that initial period.   Should your alarm system require service Murrell Burglar Alarms employees 3 full time registered Service Technicians.  We have Service Technicians on-call 24/7 should that need arise.  

Although electronic components do fail most alarm service issues concern battery maintenance.  Most rechargeable batteries are rated at 3-4 years. Most wireless devices typically use long life lithium batteries and are rated at 3-5 years.  Murrell Burglar Alarms Extended Warranties offer battery maintenance and replacement.  

Murrell Burglar Alarms recommends that Smoke Detector batteries be replaced annually. 

What about an extended warranty?    

Service First Extended Warranties are available for qualified systems.  Please consult your sales representative for additional information and pricing. 


How often should I test my system?    

Murrell Burglar Alarms recommends testing your system at least weekly. 


What if I refer Murrell Burglar Alarms to someone else?    

Murrell Burglar Alarms offers discounted monitoring and alarm services to current customers who recommend us. Just call our office at Murrell Burglar Alarms with the name, address and phone number of the person or business you are recommending Murrell Burglar Alarms to.   If they purchase alarm services from Murrell Burglar Alarms we will then apply the proper discounts to your alarm services. Limit one discount per purchased alarm service so make sure you are the first one to call with the recommendation.  


Does Murrell Burglar Alarms recommend yard signs and decals?    

Murrell Burglar Alarms recommends yards signs and decals as part of a complete deterrent package.  


What additional security services does Murrell Burglar Alarms offer?    

In addition to Residential and Commercial Burglar and Fire Alarms we offer the following security services: